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Areas of Responsibility

Ensure effective Information Systems Governance in order to provide an enabling IT environment for an accelerated national development and global positioning.


The Department of Shared Digital Services has six key business functions.

  • Network Services
  • Data centre Services
  • Information Security Services
  • Information Technology Service Management
  • Program Management and IT Strategy
  • IT Research and Development
Departments/Sections and Key Functions

Network services:

  1. These include analysing and monitoring network performance, configuration of hardware and software to optimise network communication and setting up LAN/WAN/SDWANs.
  2. Additionally, functions under that function include Network Planning & Compliance, Network Design, Network Compliance Network Operations, Data Centre Network Management, Enterprise Network Management and Network Assets& Life Cycle Management.

Data Centre Services:

  1. Hosting Operations management:  which include management and maintenance of hosting services platform, management of Ministry hosting solutions and DNS registration.
  2. Enterprise Systems: the services include Management and maintenance of Directory Services (domain and directory services), identity and access management, Management and maintenance of enterprise applications and Software assets and lifecycle management as well as Endpoint management (software updates, upgrades, patching)
  3. Databases Services: These include management and maintenance of database platform, Administration of databases (installing, configuring, monitoring, maintaining, and improving the performance of databases and data stores), Database backups management and maintenance, Database Clones, Recovery or Migrations as well as Deployment of Developer Scripts from Ministries.
  4. Application Hosting Services: which includes Management and Maintenance of Application and Web Hosting Services and support for Application and Web Hosting services.
  5. Data Centre Facilities services: which include management and maintenance of data centre facilities, provision of technical advice and support on technical matters and co-location management.

Information Security Services

  1. Applications and Databases Security Services: These include defining and implementing security control measures to protect databases and applications in accordance with security requirements, Management of configurations and changes to databases and applications and assessing and maintaining the existing security controls.
  2. Host and Network Security services: These services include defining and implementing security controls necessary to protect hosts, networks and internet perimeters in accordance with security policies and assess and maintain security controls necessary to protect hosts, networks and internet perimeters in accordance with security policies.
  3. Cybersecurity services: provides threat intelligence, incident response, malware & ransomware protection to maintain a better security posture and identify, prevent and recover from a cyber security breach.
  4. Physical Access Control Security Services: Monitoring the safety and security of the data centres and regional hubs with authenticated access, Defining and enforcing access controls for facilities and other physical assets and Management and maintenance of closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera surveillance as per the policy requirements.

IT Service Management

  1. Operations Centre (NOC/SOC, Service Desk): They are responsible for Monitoring incidents, incidence Reponses, advising users on appropriate course of and escalating, if needed, unresolved problems to a higher level of support.
  2. Change Management Services: which includes Authorizing and approving minor/low change, Coordinating and conducting meetings with Change advisory board (CAB) to discuss higher risk changes and ensuring that all the activities designed to implement the change are as per the standards.
  3. Contract Management Services: They also deal with managing contracts and services, preparing and negotiating the terms and conditions of contracts, assisting in the preparation of various contracts and Meeting with customers to discuss business and legal matters.
  4. Software Licensing and IT Services Billing: they provide managing of licensing and IT Services billing as well as Coordinating IT Services billing managements for Ministries.
  5. Repair Services:  which include data recovery services, management and disposal of e-waste and repair of ICT equipment


Program Management & IT Strategy

  1. IT Standards & Compliance Management:  a service which is responsible for Formulating and publicizing ICT standards and Policies, Monitoring of Ministry compliance to Policies and standards, Auditing to ensure compliance by regularly auditing Ministries against agreed policies and standards and continuously review standards to ensure compliance to international trends.
  2. Development and Review of Policies, Legislation, Standards and Strategies: this arm is responsible for the Development, implementation and review of ICT strategies, policies, standards and procedures. It is also responsible for Initiating and advocating for new Legislation and Polices which are aligned to international trends.
  3. Program Management: they are responsible for Provide governance for key program projects, develop a reporting framework for the programs by using KPIs and Management of reports and necessary project documentation



IT Research and Development

  1. They are responsible for Research and International Relations, New ICT trends research, ICT advisory services and International relations Research & Data Analytics
  2. International Cooperation and Partnerships: They research on new ICT technologies and provide advisory services on best international practice as well as facilitate IT partnership synergies with Private Sector, Donor Agencies and International partners by engaging with the agencies and find ways to collaborate on new technology offerings.

Contact Details

Shared Digital Services

Varsha House 54357, Floor 9

Central Business District (CBD)

Private Bag 0050



Tel: (+267)361 2660

Fax: (+267) 391 4261

Email: mcktpro [at]