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Areas of Responsibility

Parliament is the supreme legislative authority in Botswana, consisting of the President and the National Assembly and is charged with the responsibility of legislation, representation and oversight. Where tribal and customary matters are involved, Parliament is obliged to act in consultation with Ntlo ya Dikgosi.

In line with this Mandate, Parliament has to achieve the following:

  • Pass new laws or amend the existing laws
  • Examine government policies through Parliamentary Committees
  • Representing the interests/concerns of Constituents
  • Editorial Section
  • Parliamentary Counsel
  • Research and Information Services
  • Parliamentary Procedures Section
  • Committees Section
  • Corporate Services
Departments/Sections and Key Functions

Editorial Section

  • Responsible for the production of the Hansard. (verbatim written record of all Parliamentary debates and proceedings which takes place in the Chamber of the National Assembly)
  • Every word audibly uttered or spoken in parliament is recorded, transcribed by reporters and then submitted to the editors. The transcript is translated into Setswana and English.

Parliamentary Counsel

  • Renders legal advice either on his or her own motion, upon request by the Speaker, a Member of Parliament on any legal issue, whether substantive or procedural, that might arise during the course of any proceeding of the House or any Committee.
  • Ensures that proceedings of the House and Committee are conducted in accordance with the Law and the Standing Orders

Research and Information Services

  • Generates and disseminates research information to support the core functions of law making, oversight and representation.
  • Meets the information needs of both Parliament and Ntlo ya Dikgosi through a range of research services and products.
  • The Library supports the work of Parliament by sourcing, managing and delivering authoritative, relevant, nonpartisan and reliable information resources.

Parliamentary Procedures Section

Responsible for the proceedings & business of the House in terms of the following:

  • Procedural Advice - Advises the Speaker, Members of parliament and other stakeholders on procedures inside and outside the House guided by the Standing Orders and practices accepted as conventions of the House.
  • Bills – receives Bills from Ministries and Members of Parliament and advises on procedure at different stages of Bills.
  • Questions – receives and edits Questions from Members of Parliament and advises Members on the content and admissibility of questions as per the Standing Orders.
  • Motions – receives and edits Motions from Members of Parliament and ensures that they comply with the Standing Orders.
  • Parliament Business – prepares Order Paper (scheduled daily agenda) and Notice paper (scheduled weekly agenda).
  • Policies – receives policies from Ministries for adoption in the House.
  • Reports – receives reports from Ministries for tabling in the House.

Committees Section

  • Provides coordination and support services to Parliamentary Committees.
  • Produces reports, arranges meetings and follow-up on Committee resolutions.

Corporate Services

Provides administrative support services to the whole organization through the following Units:

  • Human Resources Management
  • Finance and Accounts
  • Information Technology
  • Records Management
  • Procurement and InventoryManagement
  • Transport
  • Constituency Office Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Member Residences &Recreational Center Management
  • Security Services

Contact Details

Parliament of Botswana
Public Relations Office

Government Enclave 
PO Box 240
Tel. (+267) 361 6800
Fax. (+267) 391 3103

Website: or BW Parliament Facebook page

Opening hours: 07:30 to 12:45 and 13:45 to 16:30 Monday to Friday, except public holidays.