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Areas of Responsibility
  • Coordination of the National Transformational Strategy
  • Coordination of Implementation of Government projects and programmes.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Government projects and programmes.
  • Coordination of Botswana Honours & Awards and National Emblems.
  • Secretarial services to Cabinet and monitoring implementation of Cabinet decisions.
  • Administrative and technical support services to the Presidency.
  • Management and dissemination of information through broadcast, print media and other media.
  • Appeals Unit
  • Botswana Government Communications and Information System (BGCIS)
  • Poverty Eradication Programme
  • Coordinating Office for People with Disabilities
  • National Disaster Management Office
  • Public Sector Reforms
  • Department of Broadcasting Services
  • Department of Information Services
  • Government Printing and Publishing Services
  • Economic Stimulus Programme Office
  • Office of the District Commissioner
  • Human Rights Office
Departments/Sections and Key Functions

Appeals unit

It handles general complaints from members of the public pertaining to unsatisfactory operations of Government and other sectors. Members of the Public are urged to exhaust all channels of appeal in the respective sectors before submitting an appeal to the Office of the President.

Botswana Government Communications and Information System (BGCIS)

  • To ensure that Government is visible and accessible.
  • To provide the public with accurate, timely, clear and relevant information about Government policies, programmes, services and initiatives.
  • To use a variety of new and traditional methods to communicate, and to provide information in multiple formats that meets the needs of all citizens.
  • To routinely identify and address communication needs and issues in the development , implementation and evaluation of Government policies, programmes, services and initiatives.
  • To foster an approach of cooperation and collaboration between and amongst Government Ministries and Departments.

Poverty Eradication Programme

  • To provide a coordination mechanism and enabling environment for effective implementation of poverty eradication initiatives, policies and programmes.
  • To empower the poor to participate effectively in poverty eradication programme as well as strengthen institutions and systems for poverty eradication to ensure a life of dignity for all.
  • To identify key policies and programmes that drive poverty.
  • Strengthen institutional capacity to respond to poverty.
  • Harmonise national and sectoral plans and programmes and facilitate mainstreaming  of poverty eradication.

Ministries have been assigned to carry out projects as follows:

  • Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources, Conservation & Tourism    (MENT) – Backyard tree nurseries, Landscaping, harvesting of mophane worm, Fishers, Fire Beaters and harvesting of natural products.
  • Ministry of Agricultural Development & Food Security (MOA) – Small stock, Bee keeping, Backyard gardens, Poultry and Leather products.
  • Ministry of Local Government & Rural Development (MLG&RD) and  Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs (MLHA) – Bakery, sewing, food catering, Hair Salon, Laundry, Leather products, jam and pickle products, Packaging of grains, Tent hire, Upholstery, Handy crafts, pottery, Indigenous knowledge and beneficiary assessment (MLG&RD).
  • Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry (MITI) – business advisory services, registration, financing and quality control.
  • Ministry of Tertiary Education, Research Science & Technology (MoTE) – literacy skills.

Coordinating Office for People with Disabilities

  • To coordinate the implementation of national policies, strategies and programmes aimed at the empowerment and wellbeing people with disabilities.
  • To monitor and evaluate national policies, strategies and programmes aimed at the empowerment and wellbeing people with disabilities.
  • To mainstream disability issues into all sectors policies and programmes.
  • To ensure active involvement and participation of people with disabilities in policy processes, i.e. Formulation, implementation, review, monitoring and evaluation.
  • To ensure the effectiveness of national structures dealing with disability issues.To mobilise resources for the implementation of policies and programmes aimed at addressing disability issues.

National Disaster Management Office

  • To prepare and update the National disaster risk management plans and guidelines.
  • To formulate standard operating procedures for emergency response and management.
  • To provide early warning of an approaching disaster and predictions of its possible effects on the country, the population and their livelihoods.
  • To maintain a comprehensive Disaster Management Information system.
  • To hold in readiness a series of preparedness or contigency plans, for specific hazards such as floods, wildland fires.
  • To maintain strategic reserves of essential commodities and equipment at national and district levels.
  • To maintain an up to date inventory of all available resources, institutional facilities and equipment that can be called upon to respond to disasters.
  • To formulate and implement, in partnership with training and academic institutions programmes in disaster management education, training and public awareness.

Public Sector Reforms

  • Coordination of sectoral reforms to facilitate the delivery of the government modernization programme
  • Develop strategic approach to performance management and implementation of effective and robust performance management systems and procedures for Permanent Secretaries.
  • Provide strategic guidance for programs, strategies and initiatives to government ministries /departments.
  • Facilitate capacity building initiatives in support of visionary leadership development.
  • Promote strategic partnerships with various Ministries for effective strategic planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation of government’s interventions.
  • Develop and oversee the implementation of the Public Sector Reform Coordination Programme (PSRCP);
  • Facilitate coordination between PSRs, in their design and implementation, including cross-cutting implications; and support Reforms to overcome their challenges and bottlenecks;

Department of Broadcasting Services

To provide news, current affairs, information and entertainment through Radio Botswana (RB), RB2 and Botswana Television (BTV).


Department of Information Services

  • To establish, facilitate and share information on government programmes, policies and initiatives.
  • To provide reliable and comprehensive news coverage through newspaper (DailyNews) and magazine (Kutlwano)
  • The DailyNews is published from Monday to Friday and accessible online at

Government Printing and Publishing Services

  • Provides printing services to all government ministries and departments.
  • Provides Stationery Services – by producing standard documents such as patient cards, application for leave forms, file covers and standard forms used across Government Departments.
  • Supports dissemination of Government information through distribution of the Government Gazette which contains messages of legal, administrative and general nature.
  • Facilitate the Attorney General and National Assembly in the process of making laws. Also responsible for publishing of these laws and their distribution through our outlets around the country.

Economic Stimulus Programme Office

The ESP Office has been created to coordinate and oversee the implementation of the ESP across ministries and parastatals in line with the Government’s commitment to the nation to achieve accelerated job creation, eradication of abject poverty and the provision of quality education, improved health and wellbeing for all Batswana.

Targeted Sectors/ Areas

  • Agricultural Production
  • Tourism Development
  • Economic Diversification Drive
  • Manufacturing
  • Buildings, Road Construction And Maintenance
  • Reskilling Of Youth
  • Establishment Of Special Economic Zones

Office of the District Commissioner

  • District development planning, coordination and administration of Central Government projects/ programmes.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of policies, statutes and guidelines.
  • Mediation between married couples

Ministry Parastatals

  • Botswana National Productivity Centre
  • Vision 2036 Council

Contact Details

Ministry for Presidential Affairs Governance and Public Administration

Private Bag 001

Government Enclave, State House Drive



Tel. (+267) 3950800

Fax. (+267) 3911786

Email. op-pr-office [at]