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Areas of Responsibility

The Ministry of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security (MMGE) will be a global leader in the provision of services in the mineral and energy sectors for national prosperity

  • Department of Corporate Services
  • Department of Mines
  • Department of Energy
  • Mineral Affairs Division
  • Diamond Hub
  • Projects & Energy Development Unit
Departments/Sections and Key Functions

Corporate Services


  • To support the delivery of the Ministry’s core mandate
  • To instill an organizational culture of excellence
  • To provide quality support services by efficiently and effectively managing its resources and adhering to best management practices.


Department of Mines

  • Is to ensure that mineral resources are prospected, developed and exploited in a sustainable manner.
  • To enhance socio-economic, financial and other benefits to Botswana arising from the exploitation of mineral resources.
  • monitors compliance with all the relevant legislation pertaining to prospecting and mining activities.

Department of Energy

  • Is the lead policy-making authority of Government on all matters of energy supply and demand management.
  • To formulate and coordinate national energy policy and programmes.
  • To facilitate the availability of effective, reliable and affordable energy services to customers in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Mineral Affairs Division;

  • Is the lead policy-making authority of Government on all matters of mining and mineral sector development. 
  • It is responsible for the formulation, implementation and monitoring of policies for the mining and minerals sector, and sub-sectors.
  • The division gathers market intelligence and promotes investment on minerals.

Diamond Hub;

  • Coordinate the development of diamond beneficiation industries.
  • Administer the implementation of Kimberly Process requirements.
  • Provide business development services and regulate diamond beneficiation operations.

List of Parastals;

  • Botswana Power Corporation (BPC)
  • Botswana Energy Regulatory Authority (BERA)
  • Botswana Oil Limited (BOL)
  • Botswana Geoscience Institute (BGI)
  • Minerals Development Company Botswana (MDCB)
  • Okavango Diamond Company (ODC)

Contact Details

Ministry of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security

Private Bag 0018



Fairground Office Park 

Plot 50676, Block C


Tel: (+267) 365 6600

Fax: (+267) 3167695

Toll free number: 0800600235


Opening Hours: 07:30 to 12:45 and 13:45 to 16:30 Monday to Friday, except public holidays