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Areas of Responsibility

The ministry oversees 16 local authorities and semi-autonomous local authorities categorized into City, Town and District Councils inclusive of tribal administrations. These institutions are decentralized to facilitate the Ministry’s development programmes and services at local level. They foster local democracy and governance while also promoting social welfare and economic empowerment of disadvantaged groups.

  • Department of Local Government Finance and Procurement
  • Department of Local Governance and Development Planning
  • Department of Tribal Administration
  • Department of Local Government Technical Services 
  • Department of Social Protection
  • Department of Community Development
  • Rural Development
  • Corporate Services 
Departments/Sections and Key Functions

Department of Local Government Finance and Procurement

  • ​To facilitate sound financial management and control,
  • To ensure availability of adequate resources to local authorities for them to meet their statutory responsibilities,
  • To produce valuation rolls to local authorities,
  • To examine accounts of local authorities, and
  • To procure and distribute food in communities to targeted beneficiaries.


Department of Local Governance and Development Planning

  • To deliver effective local governance through district development planning, development and monitoring of policies, statutes and guidelines.  
  • Department of Tribal Administration
  • To ensure that all tribal administrative institutions across Botswana are made more effective and efficient. 


Department of Local Government Technical Services 

  • To provide technical advice to local authorities and other departments of the ministry on matters pertaining to the development of infrastructure.
  • Department of Social Protection
  • To coordinate, monitor and evaluate social protection programmes/projects delivery to improve the quality of life of Batswana. Service delivery is guided by divisions such as child protection services, family welfare, elderly and social benefits services, information, research and public relations division, specialized services and departmental management.


Department of Community Development

  • ​It is mandated to enhance the quality of life for Batswana through the promotion of social justice, effective local structure governance, sustainable livelihoods strategies and economic empowerment initiatives.
  • It mobilizes the community for identification and implementation of community based developmental initiatives and deals with the empowerment of Remote Area communities for socio-economic sustenance.


Rural Development

  • ​It is mandated with the reduction of poverty, finding ways to help provide opportunities for income generation and involvement in economic activities by Batswana.
  • To create employment and enhancing popular participation in the development planning and implementation processes as a basis for broad-based, balanced, and sustainable development.


Corporate Services 

To build capacity for the ministry and to coordinate a full range of administrative resources and support services, to enable the ministry to deliver on its mandate.



  • Gaborone City Council.
  • Francistown City Council.
  • Lobatse Town Council.
  • Sowa Town Council.
  • Selebi Phikwe Town Council.
  • Jwaneng Town Council.
  • Kgatleng District Council.
  • Kweneng District Council.
  • Kgalagadi District Council.
  • Central District Council.
  • Chobe District Council.
  • Ghanzi District Council.
  • North-East District Council.
  • North-West District Council.
  • Southern District Council.
  • South-East District Council


Services offered at Local Authorities

  • Accessing World Wars I and II Veterans Pension
  • Children in Need of Care
  • Destitute Allowance
  • Tertiary Education Funding (Rural Area Development Programme)
  • Old age pension Fund
  • Rural Area Development Programmes
  • Payments of Rates
  • Issuing of trade licensing/early childhood day care Centers
  • Leasing of open spaces and renting out  parks
  • Collection of Rubble/household waste /garden waste
  • Planning permission
  • Maintenance of internal roads
  • Maintenance of street lights and traffic lights
  • Settlement of Civil Disputes
  • Using Tribal court (Kgotla) for consultation and decision-making 
  • Ipelegeng - unemployment relief 
  • School Transportation (Rural Area Development Programme) 

Contact Details

Ministry of Local Development and Rural Development
Private Bag 006
Government Enclave
Main Mall
Tel. (+267) 365-8400            
Fax. 395 2382
Toll-free: 0800-600-718

Opening hours: 07:30 to 16:30, Monday to Friday, except public holidays