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Areas of Responsibility

The responsibility of the DCEC is to investigate allegations of corruption and economic crime, educate the public on the effects of corruption and prevent corruption.

  • Investigations Division
  • Legal Service Division 
  • Anti-Money Laundering Unit 
  • Public Education Division
  • Corruption Prevention Division
  • Corporate Services Division
Departments/Sections and Key Functions

Investigations Division

  • The Division investigates allegations of corruption and economic crimes reported to the DCEC. 
  • It is also empowered to investigate any other offence disclosed during  the course of investigation of corruption and economic crime.

Legal Service Division 

  • Responsible for providing general legal advice and support to the overall operations of the D.C.E.C. Such  advice is provided as and when requested by other Divisions within the Directorate.
  • The Division also liaises with the Investigation Division on a continuous bases in order to provide guidance and quality assurance in the prosecution led investigation process. This entails involvement and consultation between an investigator and a legal officer at every stage of the investigation.

Anti-Money Laundering Unit 

Responsible for ensuring compliance with certain elements of money laundering and terrorist financing legislation through investigations.

Public Education Division

The Division educates the public on issues of corruption and solicits public support and involvement in the fight against corruption.

Corruption Prevention Division

  • The Division identifies corruption opportunities in Government and Parastatal institutions by examining policies and procedures and recommend remedial measures.
  • This is also done through effective enforcement of strategies and interventions within the operating processes and systems of public sector.

Corporate Services Division

The Division provides support services to the functions of the DCEC. It houses units such as Human Resources, Procurement and Supplies, Transport, Finance and Accounting, Records, Health and Safety, Reforms and general administrative  services.

Contact Details

Gaborone Headquarters

Private Bag 00344

Plot 1212, Molosiwa Road



Tel. (+267) 3914002

Fax. (+267) 3913508


Francistown Regional Office

Private Bag F107 Norec House,

Blue Jacket Street



Tel. (+267) 2416666

Fax. (+267) 2416555


Maun Regional office

P. O. Box 1373

House No.AD.76,

Near Maun Roundabout



Tel. (+267) 6862393

Fax. (+267) 6862167


Email: reporttodcec [at]

Facebook: The-Directorate-on-Corruption-and-Economic-Crime-DCEC-Botswana

Operating Hours: 0730hrs – 1245hrs and 1345hrs – 1630hrs week days only.